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Arkal Filtration Systems implements clean-water technologies to provide cost-effective filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural applications.

Our dynamic solutions, including our patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology, incorporate polymeric systems that feature modularity, flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Arkal has been providing filtration solutions for over 30 years. Our vast experience comprises innovative product development and design. We utilize our international marketing and distribution network to provide service and support to our customers worldwide. As a result, process efficiency is optimized, product quality is ensured; waste reduction occurs and crop yields are enhanced.

By introducing disc filtration technology to the filtration world, Arkal became and remains a recognized world leader in filtration technologies. Our broad experience, service orientation and wide product range enable us to tailor solutions according to customer requirements.

Disc Filters are revolutionary water filters that are as easy to operate as a conventional faucet. The have an exclusive "V" design, that guarantees maximum water flow with negligible loss of pressure at low or very high water volume, and can be relied upon to give years of trouble-free service with minimum maintenance.

The Disc Filter, model 72DFO75 is a volume filter plus an integral line valve, suitable for water lines in all livestock operations. The housing is made of Delrin plastic and the discs are made of propylene, thereby eliminating problems of corrosion. There is complete control of water flow, made possibly by a unique shut-off valve.

The filtering element in the cartridge is an assembly of serrated and threaded rings attached to one another. This provides a much larger surface area and permits very fine sediment. The larger surface area of the filtering element permits more residue to be collected before clogging, allowing much longer span of time to elapse before cleaning the reusable cartridge. The disc cartridge does not have to be replaced as opposed to conventional filters whose cartridges must be replaced weekly or monthly.



DI Catalog No.
Disc Filter 3/4" w/ shut-off
Disc Filter 3/4"
Disc Filter 1" with drain valve
Disc Filter 2" with drain valve
Filter bottom w/out spring
"O' Ring
Tightening Spring
Filter Body w/out valve
Filter Body with valve
"O" Ring for control valve in Disc Filter