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  • Most Powerful Curtain and Vent Machine
    Pulls 2200 lbs x Speed 2.25 ft/min = Power 5000 ft lbs/min
    (Compared to 5000 lbs x .25 ft/min = Power 1250 ft lbs/min)
  • Heavy Duty Construction = Long Life
    Heavy Duty Gears – Shafts - Bearings – Motor (1/3 hp)
    Manufactured to Industrial Standards
  • Simple Accurate Limit Switches
    Smooth sliding adjustment pins on friction plates
  • Internal Manual Open/Close Switches
    For ease of setting limit switches - no extra power lead required
  • Safety Switch
    Internal safety switch - prevents overriding of the limit switches
  • Printed Circuit Board
    PCB circuitry instead of hand wired circuits - for greater reliability
  • Totally Sealed and Lubricated For Life
    No Regular Maintenance Required

Curtain and Vent Downloads
Curtain and Vent Brochure
Installation Guide
DuraDrive Technical Bulletins
#1  Cabling the DuraDrive for Side or Ceiling Vents pdf
#2 Terminal Connector Issues
#3 Speed of Vent Doors