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Optimum performance
Plasson provides a full range of nipple systems for breeders and pullets which allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailor made to your poultry needs.

Superbly suited to hot climates
Plasson's watering systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic condition, with special expertise in excessively hot climates.

Standing the test of time
Plasson's superior nipple systems are specially designed and produced of the highest quality materials to withstand the ravage aggressiveness of the active breeders and pullets for many years.

Cross Section
Structural simplicity means ultimate reliability One integrated system consisting of only 3 parts: This integrated system provides performance that is both robust, reliable and maintenance free.

Every nipple, quality tried and tested
Plasson is known worldwide as a leader in quality systems. Every nipple leaving Plasson manufacturing facility undergoes quality testing using specially developed computerized testing systems. Plasson's investment in advanced R&D, trained staff and the use of the highest quality materials are your promise for optimum performance.