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Plasson makes the world's most reliable poultry drinkers – the "standard of the industry".
For more than 30 years, no competitive drinker has been able to match Plasson's features and benefits.
The Plasson Turkey Drinker features a large bell lip and heavy duty spring designed especially to accommodate large adult turkeys.
The Plasson Turkey Drinker is made of a rugged highimpact plastic, formulated to withstand the ravages of the active turkey house for many years.
The unique feature of the Plasson Turkey Drinker is
the ballast bottle, which acts independently of the bell and eliminates wear on the valve mechanism.
Find out how you can water your flocks from day old poults through adult birds with Plasson Drinkers, for fool-proof profit making performance.
Plasson drinkers are supported by a worldwide network of authorized distributors who provide
expert installation, full service and complete line of Plasson products and original spare parts.


  • Suitable for turkeys from 4 weeks old to maturity. From day old to 4-6 weeks, Plasson recommends the use of the Plasson Breeder Drinker or Plasson Green Nipple System with Tray.
  • Approximately 10-12 Plasson Turkey Drinkers are needed per 1000 adult turkeys (12 -14 drinkers per 1000 in a warm climate).
  • The drinker works on low pressure: 0.4 – 0.6 bar (6-8 psi) for optimum efficiency. Pressure can be reduced by means of a pressure regulator or via a head tank.
  • The ballast bottle should be completely filled with water to provide 7kg. (15 lbs.) ballast weight. Add antifreeze to the water on frost prone areas.
  • Adjust drinkers to the proper drinking height, always keeping the drinker lip a little higher than the bird's back.
  • Keep water level in the bell as low as possible.