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The RSC-2 Displays and stores daily data collection of average weight, daily gain, standard deviation and CV. There are up to two weighing platforms and the RSC-2 can be used for broilers, breeders and turkeys. PC Communication Package is included.

Features :

  • Up to two bird scales.
  • Five digit display.
  • Up to 500 days data collection.
  • User friendly 3 key programming.
  • Weight displayed in Kg. or Lb.
  • 115 / 230 VAC operation.
  • Local or remote modem PC communication.
  • Unerasable memory.
  • Power surge protection.
  • Water and dust resistant enclosure.
  • Simple installation.




The Rotem RSW-2 is a Silo weighing control system. It includes feed as well as bird scale allowing the grower to precisely control feed deliveries, feed inventory and feed conversion. Feed dispensing may be set to preset times for meal time feeding, continuous full feeding, or restricted feeding. The RSW-2 can monitor water consumption (if water meter is connected) and also control the lights.











The RPBS-1 is a powerful tool for manual weighing of live birds. It provides data on number of birds weighed their average weight, standard deviation and CV. All data of up to 10,000 bird weighting will be stored in unerasable memory classified by farm number, flock number and house number. The RPBS-1 can operate on rechargeable batteries. It also has a PC communication package that includes a cable and software for Windows. The communication software can be used for data processing and storage.

Features :

  • Weighting up to 10 Kg. (22Lb.)
  • 30 Kg. Optional
  • Accuracy: (1 gr.)
  • Five digit display.
  • Display:
  • Average Weight
  • Number of Weights
  • Standard Deviation
  • Uniformity
  • CV
  • Can operate 10 hours on battery.
  • Data display in LB or Kg. Low battery indicator.
  • PC Communication for Windows.



Floor Scale


Bird weighing platform. 


Features :

  • Rigid stainless steel construction.
  • Weighing capacity of 30kg / 66pound.


Broiler Hanging Scale



Bird hanging scale

Features :

  • Rigid construction.
  • Aluminum platform.
  • Weighing capacity of 50kg / 110pound.

Turkey Hanging


Turkey hanging scale

Features :

  • Rigid construction.
  • Aluminum platform.
  • Weighing capacity of 200kg / 440pound.