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MixRite injectors are used to add exact dosages of medications, vitamins, minerals and vaccinations into livestock watering systems. When used with cleaning agents, MixRite assists in disinfecting and cleaning lines and installations.

Part Number: 71252802280P001
Name: MixRite 2501 LFR
Dosage Rate: 0.8% [Fixed Rate]
ON OFF System: No [Air Release]
Overview: MixRite is water driven proportioning injector for pumping an additive into a water line at a consistent induction rate over varying water pressure and flow rates.
Application: The MixRite can be used to give exact dosage of various additives, such as: Medications, Vitamins, Minerals, Vaccinations etc. The MixRite is factory preset at 1oz/gal
Comments: MixRite's main advantages are: easy to install, no electricity needed, replaceable motor piston lip seals , composite material springs (NO METAL SPRINGS), works at very low flow rate, easy to field repair, highly chemical resistant, perfect blending, highly resistant to UV.
Flow Rate Range: 20-2500 l/h [0.03 to 11 gpm]
Min Injection Per Hour: 0.056 l/h [0.015 gph]
Max Injection Per Hour: 20 l/h [5.3 gph]
Chemical Resistance: Standard
Working Pressure: 0.2 - 8 bar [2.9 to 120 psi]
Color: Gray
Thread Type: BSPT
Coupling: 3/4"
Dimensions: 22" x 7.27"
Weight: 4 pounds [1.81 kg]

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